Creative provisions to #LiveBrightly DESIGN + TEXTILES + ART in Girdwood, Alaska USA 》Balancing commerce // creativity & giving ☆ the artisan way. Always FREE Shipping in the U.S.A.!
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The Crow Creek Cool Portal

Based in Girdwood, Alaska, we design creative provisions to #LiveBrightly including, BAGS, RAVEN & OCEAN FLAGS, FRESH ART, PATTERNS, SURFACE DESIGN & TEXTILES in Girdwood, Alaska USA. Our design and production model is based on balancing commerce + creativity + mentoring + and charitable giving, the artisan way.

Our original idea to create a cool, water-resistant Growler Bag after a wet & snowy walk home from Girdwood La Bodega, grew to become our most popular brand – Crow Creek Cool.  Our one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted tarp bags are designed and sewn using iconic, and weather-resistant Alaskan Tarp individually made and available in a variety of utilitarian sizes and shapes, or as we say "G'hood Cooltility!" Our in-house production allows for quick response, originality, and customization. We welcome wholesale opportunities, custom orders and are proud of our Made Local items. Our indoor/outdoor bags are designed for those with a no-door lifestyle!

Our ORIGINAL and vibrant Garden Flags designed by Cindy Shake have been flying happily throughout the world for over 10 years! Fly your flags indoors or out. Brighten a home's deck, greenhouse, garden area, office, apartment, or dorm! 5 designs are on printed on 100% natural combed cotton fabric sewn on 3 feet of cotton bias with intentional raw edges for natural weathering. Limited edition designs are featured annually.

Vibrantly designed artful appliqué patterns by Alaska Artist Cindy Shake include step by step instructions, full-size templates, and a full-color insert. Art Quilt Patterns are smaller than a traditional, full-size bedding quilt and are intentionally designed in a wall hanging style making a perfect weekend quilting project or for trying out new techniques. Wholesale inquiries welcome> 

#crowcreekcool is proud to be part of the Makers Movement back to artisan techniques and skills while mentoring the next generation of artist-owners.  ☆ Persevere, Stay Positive, Be positive ☆ #sharewhatyouknow ☆ #livebrightly ☆ Shine On!


  Cindy Shake, Owner + Lead Designer 
Kristen Shake, Conceptual Fuel
Gus Brewer, Customer Karma