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About us

The Crow Creek Coolture Portal

Based in Girdwood, Alaska, our Mission is to balance commerce, creativity, and charitable giving while living in an inspired, natural world.

Specializing in fresh graphic design that we apply to our materials, textiles and new forms of media. Our original idea to create a water resistant Growler Bag, grew to become our most popular brand – Crow Creek Coolture, hand-crafted Tarp Bags. Designed and sewn using iconic, and weather-resistant Alaskan Tarp our bags are individually made and are available in a variety of utilitarian sizes and shapes, or as we say "Cooltility!" Our in-house production allows for quick response, originality, and customization. We welcome custom orders and are proud of our Made in Alaska bags. 

Crow Creek Coolture is proud to be part of the Makers Movement back to artisan techniques and skills while mentoring the next generation of artist-owners.  ☆ Stay positive, be positive ☆ Shine On!

    Cindy Shake, Lead Designer 
Mandy Roylance, Lead Sewist
Kristen Shake, Conceptual Fuel
Gus Brewer, Customer Karma