Creative provisions designed by Artist/Maker Cindy Shake in the cool ski town of Girdwood, Alaska USA ☆
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Crow Creek Cool

Good Fortune Flags

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Printed with traditional symbols of good fortune, flags are often hung during celebrations as an indoor/outdoor adornment. May be hung so a breeze will blow their energy and intention out into the universe spreading peace, love, harmony, happiness, courage, tranquility and good fortune. 100% natural combed cotton fabric with intentional raw edges. Approx. 100” in length with 10 flags in each set. 100% handmade in Alaska!

#Fly  #Happiness 🤙throughout the world!🌏

Locket – Thoughtful remembrance.

Crested Heart – Serenity of mind and affection.

Rabbit or Hare – Abundance, comfort, and embraces gifts of fertility, sentiment and desire.

Beehive & Bee – Community, brightness and personal power. Industry, domestic virtues and dedication.

Pineapple – Welcoming friendship, hospitality and warmth.

Four Leaf Clover – Luck in fame, wealth, health and faithful love.

Horseshoe – Good luck, power over unfortunate events, good fortune associated with a horse’s strength and dependability.

Dragonfly – Wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life.

Shooting Star – Grants a wish and a chance for dreams to come true and the Full Moon represents creativity, wisdom, youthfulness and enchantment.

Fish – Abundance, wealth, domestic felicity, partnership, and success.


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